"In terms of why I paint"

If I were to tell you a theme of my paintings I wouldn't be able to give a straight answer. I believe it is still developing.

Trying to explain it is even harder since that's not my area of expertise I do more of the creating rathan the explaining.

But saying art speaks for itself is quite cliché and everyone aways wants an explanation of something they don't quite understand.

You see the ideas I've drawn inspiration from come from figurative art, impressionists, expressionism and as of recently the things I see on the internet on a

day to day basis.

When constructing my work off of that,

I take into consideration the composition because I know the effect that has on everything in life, yet I also know the effect small details can highlight in an artwork, which I view as moments, which leads me to the basic

ideology of my work;

In trying to find my style I've chosen to borrow a bit from all things I admire. The most significant being social media and all types of blogs and pages I follow. It amazes me to see the kind of stuff people are making these days and their eyes perspective on how they see the worlds simplest things. 

If I see a post I like, I see all potential it has in it and have vivid ideas in my mind of what I can take from it and create from that.

Some may call it stealing, but I just view it as a result of today's technology with everything being captured with a camera and being shared to the masses. 

Borrowing from here and there, 

him and her, this or that,

whatever it may be, the point is 

I paint because I'm inspired,

one painter inspired me to pick up a brush before i had any idea what I was doing. 

And to this day I still feel as

if I don't know what i'm doing,

I just know it wouldn't be

as fun if it

didn't have the potential to

be disastrous.

2010 - present
2010 - present

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